When I met Lara, she was wearing this necklace and I loved it.  My mom loves elephants so for some odd reason I've always had a thing for them.  Lara was a bridesmaid in the Bock wedding, which is when I learned that my friend Travis had a girlfriend.  Turns out, the elephant was actually a gift from him!  I didn't know much else about their relationship until I got a phone call from Travis saying he was in need of a photographer... a wedding photographer.

I know double chins aren't acceptable in the fashion/photography world, but they're often my favorite part about a photo.  I LOVE when someone laughs so much they just can't help it.  Of course, I guess we're supposed to call them laugh lines, but either way, I think they're great.  I couldn't be happier for these two -- there's just SO much love and a heck of a lot of like.  I'm confident it's because, under it all, they are living a beautiful story of God's pursuit of us.

Btw, if you're considering an engagement session, I highly recommend doing them with your wedding photographer.  It's so much fun to get to hang with you all and listen to your stories and see you interact... all before your wedding day.  And Travis & Lara were no exception.  I learned so much about them during our walk around downtown, not to mention the part where they ran through a field at iJams, just because I asked. So much fun!!

Travis & Lara are getting married the end of this month in downtown Knoxville at the Standard... and I'm totally looking forward to it.  Exposed brick + my favorite city + an awesome couple =  Can't wait!!