One of my favorite things about this season of life is getting to be a part of my friends' stories as they unfold.  Megan an I were roommates (for a very short season, like, maybe two months) right before she and Austin were married.  It's been fun to see them go from being single to dating to married, then to being business owners and now -- the most exciting of all -- parents.

Austin and Megan are exception friends.  They're both so full of life and wisdom.  When I think of them, I think "strength".  That may sound incredibly cheesy, but I mean it.  They're resilient people.  They are strong individuals and I think that is what makes them such a great couple.

Salem is a little bundle of joy and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen.

These days, I get to see her once a week, now that I'm in a small group/house church with this little family.  It's always a blast to watch where Salem is in the room.  But not necessarily to watch her.  It's much more fun to watch the expressions on everyone else's faces as they respond to her.  They laugh right along.  It's amazing to see the joy that one little child can offer to the world.

Thank God for little baby laughs.  They're good for the soul.

Megan -- Thank you for your friendship.  You are a beautiful woman with much to give and I'm blessed to be a recipient of those gifts from time to time.  It seems as if you increase in wisdom daily and I'm eager to watch those gifts unfold as you grow and as Salem grows.  Honored to be doing this thing called "life" with you.

"Though she be but little, she is fierce!" -- Shakespeare