My favorite little mirror-image ballerinas are turning FOUR this summer.

Somehow they have the most perfect natural blonde highlights and their eyes are as blue as they've ever been. And even though I've known them since they were born, this trip to see them was essentially the first time we've ever met.

It's the first time they've really been old enough to carry on conversations and remember who I am.  I'm officially "Aunt Jo" and it's the best.  We talked about all kinds of things and they asked me questions about my sisters and my house and laughed with me and it was kind of surreal.  

I woke up one morning listening to their little voices down the hall.  The shy one was trying to convince the not-as-shy one to wake me up.  I pretended to keep sleeping while thinking through why life there at Krisi's house seemed so different.  And then it made sense: For the first time since we've been reeeealllly close, Krisi and I are BOTH living in a good season of life... at the SAME time.  

There have been many, many seasons where we've laughed so we didn't cry.  Or we cried and then we laughed when there was a little break here and there.  But this time we laughed because that's exactly how we both felt. 

This feels like joy to me.  Unexplainable joy.